The Chicago Hockey Initiative is delighted to introduce our 59th Microgrant recipient – Domenick, come on down! Domenick is an elementary student from Plainfield, Illinois, in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. This Microgrant was fulfilled through the generosity of the Alpha IR Group, coordinated by S. Hodges.


Domenick most enjoys being part of a team, traveling to new places, and making new friends. The CHI certainly loves the social part of the game as well, Dom!  Domenick’s coach, Coach Cuda writes that “Dom always gives 100% on the ice. If he has a bad shift, he shakes it off and plays harder the next. He is a very respectful young man to his teammates and coaches.”  The CHI appreciates the positivity! Domenick’s teacher, Mr. Jensen, writes that “Dom is a hard worker and a leader in the classroom. When another student is down, I know that Domenick will be there to pick him up.”  What a great compliment!


The CHI is very impressed by positive feedback from Domenick’s teacher and coach and we are excited to join his team! Please support future Microgrant recipients by attending the 2019 CHI Bowling Classic!

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