Noah and Adam

Noah and Adam

The Chicago Hockey Initiative is excited to introduce Noah and Adam, our 11th and 12th Microgrant recipients of 2016!  Noah plays goalie and has begun his freshman year of high school, while Adam plays defense and is starting the sixth grade. The brothers play at Midwest Training and Ice Center in Dyer, Indiana, in the Midwest Youth Hockey Association. Go Blackbirds! From left to right, Noah is pictured with his youth hockey director Zach Kane, Noah, and CHI veep Scott.

Noah and Adam received some of the most enthusiastic recommendations we at the CHI have had the pleasure to review. Coach Nisevich, who has coached the brothers for six seasons combined, wrote glowingly of the joy in the game and team commitment. (Noah, who broke his arm early last season, still attended practices, games, and even two out-of-town tournaments.) Coach Nisevich also commended Noah and Adam’s sportsmanship, and concluded “Overall, I would say that playing ice hockey has provided a great avenue for the boys to grow into young men and I hope they can continue to play for years to come.”  Cheers, Coach! We do as well.

Mr, Kane wrote that the boys continually demonstrate hard work, dedication, and overall love of the sport, and relayed that the family has “contributed more than we could ask from any Midwest Blackbird family.”  That is exceptional praise.

Eileen Butchers, an MTIC administrator, wrote that “both young men have impressed me with their passion and love for the sport. Noah and Adam have my wholehearted support today and always.”

We could go on and on, excerpting these letters of recommendation, but in the interest of brevity, we at the CHI will just say that we were proud to contribute to Adam and Noah’s continued participation in the game of hockey. Thanks so much.