The Chicago Hockey Initiative is humbled to introduce our 49th Microgrant recipient – Dylan! Dylan is an elementary school student from the West Side of Chicago.

Dylan, like all of our Microgrant recipients, wrote a very impressive application. However, after Dylan received his Microgrant and began his hockey season, we received this note from Dylan, through his father, which reads:

Dear CHI,

I am so thankful that I got the hockey Microgran! I’m so happy with my new team (Stallions) and I made some good connections with my new teammates.

I’m lucky having great coaches, one of my coaches was my summer hockey camp coach. I like to play because it is my passion and I am committed to play. It keeps me active everyday to improve my hockey skills.

I will never complain about how long I can be on ice. My Mom used to call me her penguin.

I will never stop training hard, to improve more every day. I will keep on fighting to be one of the best. I will keep scoring goals to win and have fun.

I feel powerful when I get on the ice and I feel warmed-up and ready to do my best to play the sport I love. I have been playing forward since I started playing hockey, and definitely its my favorite position.  

Now whenever I walk into the locker room, I know why I’m there and for what I’m there.

Thank you,


Thank you Dylan! The CHI is happy to be on your team and share in your love of hockey!